The Relic Update

Friends, Goblins, Countrymen,

the relic update is now available!

This update includes a host of powerful relics that you can obtain in chests or by defeating mini-boss encounters. Their effects range from small & helpful (heal whenever you hit a refresh potion) to radically game-changing double-edged swords (pegs no longer disappear from the board once hit... like at all).

The new version has only had the team test it so far, so your feedback is extremely valuable to us! We've also kept the previous versions up (the build has stable in the name) in case there are any game-breaking bugs that slipped by us.

As for what's coming next? Here is a (very technical) look at what part of the team has been working on before we do our next big batch of levels :)

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May 28, 2020 41 MB
May 28, 2020

Get Peglin - A Pachinko Roguelike


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how do you download the game from this site

Hey there, thanks for the interest :) We're still working away on the game and Peglin will be available on and Steam Early Access on Nov. 20th!

We've made the demo available until launch if you're interested in trying it :)