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Peglin is a Pachinko Roguelike featuring an adorable goblin! Take aim and fire to defeat your enemies in this unique turn-based RPG.

Peglin is currently in closed alpha. Please check out our demo as part of the Steam Game Festival, and keep an eye on this page as we prepare for Early Access closer to September.


The dragons have been popping peglins and stealing all of your gold for as long as you can remember. Enough is enough. It's time to venture through the woods, the fortress, and the heart of the dragon's lair to take back what's yours and teach those dragons a lesson. Features:

  • Collect and upgrade powerful orbs to defeat the monsters and bosses that stand in your way.
  • Fight enemies with Pachinko-like gameplay - hit more pegs to do more damage. Use crit potions, refresh potions, and bombs wisely.
  • Explore a new forest every time, with different orbs, enemies, and surprises along the way.


Mouse-only (for now) aim and click to fire: hit as many pegs as possible to rack up the damage!

Refresh Potion:

Regenerates all pegs - doesn't respawn  bombs!

Crit Potion:

Causes your next attack to be a critical hit! Applies retroactively to pegs cleared before the potion, in the same shot.


Takes 2 hits to detonate, deals damage to every enemy on screen when they blow! (Pro-tip: Save these as long as you can, they don't refresh!)

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