Alpha v0.92 now live

New Content:

  • Not much new that is visible at the surface in this release, but we did introduce some music and convert the posts at the bottom to be round (to allow for better bounce-back and prevent the scenario where your ball would get stuck).
  • Removed the mysterious blue balls (those were implemented as we were building out the concept of having a Deck of Balls to use, which will make more sense soon) and added a count down so you know what turn you have to recharge.

Under the hood we've implemented a lot of framework for new content, so there will be more interesting stuff appearing on the map soon (especially in the '?' spaces...)

Bug Fixes:
We've implemented a patch for those annoying times that the Refresh Potion would disappear (and take your hopes & dreams with it). This doesn't completely solve the issue but it will go a long way towards ensuring that you always have a refresh potion available before your next shot.


v0.92(previous).zip 14 MB
Apr 12, 2020

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