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charming game with extremely smooth movement that is so satisfying to watch! it took me a minute to work out some things like descending ladders and that the orange regenerated (i was waiting for the one i planted to grow lol) but still a fun and cute game!

id love to see this game expanded but of course the choice is up to you ^^

Thanks! We were actually continuing to work on it for a while, and might revisit it after our current project :)

There isn't much to it, but if you're curious where we were at you can check it out here

(password is just password)

The game that we're actively working on though is called Peglin, and it'll be coming out on Nov. 20th!


It's a 2D platformer with great controls and groan-worthy puns. I love how goofy the game feels! I hope that you continue working on this!

Thank you! I would like to keep working on it, but that tends to happen with every jam game. It depends on how many people play it!


Very fun!