Originally created for OrcaJam 2019 for the theme 'Fall'.  This game became Peglin which is coming to Steam in 2020!


Click and drag to aim the fireball to hit as many pegs and rack up as much damage as possible!

Refresh Potions: Regenerates all pegs (except for bombs)

Crit! Potion: Causes your next attack to be a critical hit! (Applies retroactively to pegs cleared before the potion, in the same shot).

Bombs: Take 2 hits to detonate, deals damage to every enemy on-screen when they blow! (Pro-tip: Save these as long as you can, they don't refresh!)

Can you beat this demo wave of enemies, and take down the big bad boss?


Lead: Dylan Gedig

Art: Sienna Blumstengelo-lobsterbakudas, and ksvr.


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A very nice game!