Originally created for OrcaJam 2019 for the theme 'Fall'.  This game became Peglin which is getting a full game release!


Click and drag to aim the fireball to hit as many pegs and rack up as much damage as possible!

Refresh Potions: Regenerates all pegs (except for bombs)

Crit! Potion: Causes your next attack to be a critical hit! (Applies retroactively to pegs cleared before the potion, in the same shot).

Bombs: Take 2 hits to detonate, deals damage to every enemy on-screen when they blow! (Pro-tip: Save these as long as you can, they don't refresh!)

Can you beat this demo wave of enemies, and take down the big bad boss?


Lead: Dylan Gedig

Art: Sienna Blumstengelo-lobsterbakudas, and ksvr.


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A very nice game!